Get Unicorn Hair with oVertone!

Have you heard of oVertone? Maybe you haven’t, but I’m sure you’ve heard of the unicorn hair trend! oVertone is a pigmented conditioner that deposits color into your hair every time you use it — so you can get unicorn hair (or galaxy hair or mermaid hair or whatever your heart desires) without the commitment! The brand carries eight colors (all vivid) that each come in three levels: Pastel, Vibrant and Extreme. This is a game-changing discovery for a lot of people who are looking to create and maintain these looks!

@chrisfairhead shows off gorgeous shades of vibrant blue, vibrant silver, vibrant pink and vibrant purple from oVertone

These are conditioners, not dyes, but their staying power is equivalent to a semi-permanent. If you stop washing with oVertone, the color will gradually fade out. And some colors fade easier than others. The conditioners are also vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, ammonia-free and paraben-free. While the conditioner rinses out, the pigment is meant to deposit and stay in hair longer.
oVertoneMy friend Brittany tried the Vibrant Pink Deep Treatment. I am so obsessed with her results! Check them out below.

Peek-a-boo pink subtle shades in my friend Brittany's hair

Peek-a-boo pink subtle shades in my friend Brittany’s hair

Would you try oVertone to get unicorn hair? Comment below with what shades you would like to try!

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