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Best mascara EVER?! Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara – Review and demo

It’s a hot, much-hyped product– Charlotte Tilbury’s new Legendary Lashes Mascara. I wanted to give it a go, after I saw Wayne Goss post this video about how it’s the best mascara he’s ever used.

The mascara plumped up my natural lashes - it's a great volumizing product!

The mascara plumped up my natural lashes – it’s a great volumizing product!

So… is this really the best mascara ever? I’ll let you be the judge for yourself, but I am definitely loving it. It gives my lashes more thickness and volume! The price isn’t the cheapest, but it’s worth it.

Click HERE to watch my review/demo of the product!

Charlotte Tilbury's new Legendary Lashes Mascara

Charlotte Tilbury’s new Legendary Lashes Mascara

Info about the mascara from the website: Inspired by starlets and supermodels, born on the red carpet, this revolutionary new lash-enhancing elastic formula extends out the lashes like a piece of elastic and holds them there for the longest, most luscious lashes of your life with 13x more volume in just three coats! It doesn’t clump, doesn’t crack and doesn’t drop! Whenever I do red carpet work I will choose to dial up either the eyes or lips, but one thing that is always FULL VOLUME are the lashes. A thick, lush Hollywood false lash effect will enhance the shape of your eye, bring out the eye colour and frame the entire face. This is really important as the longer the lashes, the more flattering the look – whether you are creating a wing, doll, or false-lash look, it is ALL about the lashes!

The unique mix of waxes and genius ingredients include:

Marine Glycogen: a new, exciting hair tonic that is known to stimulate the growth of the hair follicle and the proliferation of keratin cells.
Tamanu Oil has regenerating properties in order to protect, nourish and strengthen the lashes.
A special blend of waxes gives the mascara its elastic texture..
Carbon Black for extreme stand-out lashes & a deep colour intensity.
The innovative, multi-bristle flutter brush has a collection of bristles of differing sizes, ensuring that every lash is caught and coated.





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Fake hair FAIL! First Impressions/REVIEW: Secret Extensions

Check out my review of Secret Extensions! I’ve been wanting to try them ever since my computer was blowing up with all the ads. I had my suspicions… and now they are confirmed… it’s not the greatest set of hair extensions to ever hit shelves. Find out why I don’t love them in my video.

–Inexpensive (although you get what you pay for… see Cons below).
–Easy for beginners– all you do is put it on like a headband and pull your hair through.
–Hair looks like fake “doll hair,” which defeats the point of extensions. They are supposed to look like your own hair– just more of it.
–Would NOT curl! When it finally did, it just kind of had a bend in it. That darn synthetic hair…
–Was not enough to really look natural. I thought Facebook ads were promoting a “buy one, get one free” deal for these– that might be better, if you had double the amount than I got.
Conclusion: I paid $39.98 for these at Walmart, but I will be returning them. They were not worth that to me!
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Dupe or Dud? Maybelline The Blushed Nudes vs. Urban Decay Naked 3 – swatches/comparison/review/demo

Just how much does Maybelline’s new eyeshadow palette, The Blushed Nudes, compare to Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette? Watch my comparison review to find out!

I did my right eye with Naked 3 and my left eye with The Blushed Nudes, so you be the judge of how well they compare. I show swatches of both palettes near the end.

The Blushed Nudes:

*Pretty range of colors
*Pinks and rose-toned shadows are stylish right now

*Way more powdery, so there was more fallout than the Naked 3 palette
*You have to use more pressure when digging in to these shadows and applying them to achieve a similar look as Naked 3

Naked 3:

*Legendary for the texture and consistency of the shadows– creamy and highly blendable
*Excellent color payoff
*Will last a long time (I suspect, based on my experience with my Naked 2 palette– still haven’t hit pan although I use it regularly)

*High-end price tag may not be worth it for some people
*Many of the shades are remarkably similar, like, why even bother having two of these shadows? I would have preferred a wider range of colors

My preference is for Naked 3 for the quality, but The Blushed Nudes for the price. My wallet just can’t justify the higher price tag, even for the better Naked 3 shadows. I personally think my eyes looked nearly identical at the end, so what’s the point of paying more?! Save the extra $44, people!!! Just go with The Blushed Nudes, LOL. 🙂

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Pretty NEW Maybelline The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette

Check out my latest CruzTube video by CLICKING HERE! It showcases the latest eyeshadow palette from Maybelline.

New Eyeshadow Palette Review/Demo/First Impressions/Tutorial

–Unbeatable price! 
–Small, slim, lightweight size is good for traveling
–Shades in this palette seem to be universally flattering
–Rose-toned shadows are very trendy and on-point for Spring!
–Low color payoff (I had to apply over and over to get some of the shades to even show up)
–A bit chalky texture
–Some of the shades had a lot of fallout
Final assessment: Worth the low cost if you are looking for a trendy palette that’s pretty fool-proof. This is a great beginner palette because the shadows are so easily blended and non-intimidating.
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Fiber mascaras – they are NOT created equal

So many people have been posting on Facebook about Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique, that I went ahead and bought some of my own and did this video review about a $5.95 version of fiber lashes.

I was a fan of the product, and I preached about how much money I was saving using that mascara instead of the more popular, expensive product by Younique. But when a high school band buddy, Jessica Sisk (a Younique representative), sent me some of the fiber lashes for free, I was curious how they would compare.
I started using them and was impressed– there’s really no comparison between the cheaper version and the Younique product. The Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes gave me a much more fuller set of lashes. I like the cheaper product more than regular mascara because it gives you LENGTH, but I love the Younique mascara more than the cheaper fiber mascara because they give you VOLUME AND LENGTH. Does that make sense?
Regular mascara = good, better than lashes with no mascara
Cheaper fiber lashes = much better than regular mascara
Younique 3D lashes = MUCH better than the cheaper fiber lashes
Now I’ve done a video review/demo of the Younique fiber lashes with my mom as the model, since she has Asian lashes that are short, sparse and straight. They are the most difficult natural lashes to show up. Since the Younique made her lashes look so much better, you can clearly see the impact they have in the video… and notice my lashes in the video, I’m wearing Younique and I am obsessed with how good and thick they look. The product also helps your lashes hold curl, which is great for me since I’m half-Asian and my lashes grow straight. 
One last note — I recommend using Rapid Lash to grow out your lashes. That’s why mine are so long. I bought Rapid Lash at Bed, Bath & Beyond using a 20% off coupon there or you can also order it on Amazon. Thanks for reading!
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CruzTube video: Review & swatches of Maybelline’s “The Nudes” eyeshadow palette

Hey there, beauty junkies! I review and swatch Maybelline’s The Nudes palette in this new CruzTube video. The website dares you to go nude, with this reason:

Why You’ll Love It

Our first 12 shade collection curated to create infinite looks with bold beiges, sultry sands, brazen bronzes, and over the top taupes.

I purchased my palette for only $9.98 (not including tax) at Walmart, and I think that’s a STEAL! Watch the video for my full review.

I heart this palette for the price and compact size! The shades are buttery smooth, buildable and blendable. 🙂 There’s also brilliance in the way the back of the packaging lists ways you can combine the shadows, so it’s great for beginners who are looking for easy eye combos and simple methods (the back also shows where to place the shadows on your eye).

It lacks a good champage-colored inner-eye highlighter color, in my opinion. The two lightest shimmery shades don’t show up enough on their own in my inner eye corner. That’s a minor flaw, one that I’m willing to give it a freebie pass on, since this palette gives you so much bang for your buck, it can’t be beat!

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My new favorite nail polish

L to R: Funtime Fuchsia, Caramel Cupcake, Instyle Coral

This is just a quick post to sing the praises of my new favorite nail polish: Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish. This line’s “Sweet Lavender” shade was one of Oprah’s 2014 Spring Makeup Awards winners. 🙂 Very nice!

My go-to polish lately has been Caramel Cupcake, which has been a godsend for doing a quick “one and done” manicure. I just apply one coat, and I’m out the door in a minute! The polish truly does dry in 60 seconds, and this shade is a modern nude that I imagine would work with all skin tones.

This photo has no filter, so it shows the true color payoff you get. I did polish on two coats and a clear topcoat, but you can get away with one coat if you’re in a hurry. 

The only drawback to these types of polishes is that they tend to chip more quickly. That’s the price that you pay for a speedy manicure, I guess.

–Super-fast drying time
–The line offers so many shades, there’s a color for everyone
–Crazy-cheap! I get mine for $1.50 at Walmart, and sometimes you can find a $1-off coupon in the newspaper

–They chip quickly
–The bottles are small
–One coat is enough, but it looks infinitely better with two coats (I have that problem with a lot of polishes, though)
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CruzTube video – Review/Demo of BECCA Cosmetics The One Perfecting Brush

#ObsessionAlert — I am loving this brush, which has saved me so much time in my daily beauty routine. The more quickly I can get out of the door with a full face of makeup, the better! This brush truly helps with that. 

–Replaces multiple makeup brushes. It claims to replace up to nine brushes plus a beauty blender, but I use it mostly for foundation, powder, blush, contour and highlighter.
–Goat hair bristles (cashmere) are unique in that the products simply slide off the hair and you can transition seamlessly between cream to powder products, and vice versa!
–It’s so big, it puts the products on your face more quickly since it covers more surface area at once.
–The magic is that it gives you an airbrushed look!

–The price is higher than I’m accustomed to paying. I paid $49 without tax for this brush at Sephora, but I found it HERE ON QVC for $39! You also get a Shimmer Skin Perfector Deluxe Sample if you buy it there.
–The bristles come off regularly. A bit annoying, but nothing I can’t handle for the high-quality output of this bad boy!!

Products used in my review/demo:

Neutrogena Skin-Clearing Oil-Free Makeup in Fresh Beige and Natural Tan
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