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DIY tutorial: MAGNETIC LASHES! How to make your perfect magnetic eyelashes

In my latest YouTube tutorial on my channel Beauty News with Angela Cruz, I teach you how to make your own perfect set of false magnetic lashes that you will want to wear every day!

This video shows you how to make your most PERFECT magnetic eyelashes on your own, based upon the One Two Cosmetics magnetic false eyelashes.

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I have a couple of complaints about the One Two Cosmetics magnetic lashes: 1. They are too straight, with no curve. 2. They are only half lashes. This video solves these problems, and I have been loving wearing the ones I made!

Click here to watch my in-depth review and how I put on the One Two Cosmetics “original” magnetic lashes.

Click here to read my blog post about these magnetic lashes.

Comment below with whether you would be interested to try these lashes!

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Magnetic lashes! 5 Tips for Applying”One Two Lash” – no glue required

Click here to watch a video of how I apply these!

Have you heard of magnetic lashes? One Two Lash is the world’s first, and they’re taking lash lovers by storm. These magnetic false eyelash extensions are super quick to apply – hence the name “One Two Lash” — and they don’t damage your natural eyelashes. I first heard about these when Allure Magazine named them one of 2016’s “Best of Beauty Breakthrough” products, so I was beyond thrilled when One Two Cosmetics offered to send me complimentary samples. I even talked about these in my WPTV “Beauty News” segment (click here to watch it), and the morning anchor was so happy to try these because she’s allergic to eyelash glue!

Information about the lashes from the One Two Cosmetics website: “Using our patent-pending micro-magnetic technology, One Two Lash sandwiches your natural lashes between two ultra-lightweight fiber strips to create a bold, dramatic lash line in seconds. And our unique, patent pending design makes lashes look long, thick, and luxurious — while looking undeniably natural. This breakthrough solution works for people of all ages, ethnicities, and fits any eye shape. Experience the One Two Lash revolution today!”

The website offers “how to,” but I’ll be honest — at first, I didn’t even read the instructions or watch the instructional video. I didn’t think that I needed to, because these were so self-explanatory — simple for me to figure out and apply. As a disclaimer, please watch the video and proceed gently and with caution, because eyes are a delicate part of your face and must be treated with care.

After I finally watched the instructional video for the “original” lash set, I learned what the microfiber cloth was actually for. I’m a photographer, so I thought, “Oh, that’s so sweet, One Two Cosmetics sent me a nice lens cleaning cloth.” 🙂 You have to go to the “how to” website for yourself to see what the cloth is REALLY supposed to be used for, LOL!

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I’m wearing the One Two Lash “original” on both eyes: two sets on each eye, side by side, overlapping

Here are my tips:

1. Practice first! Don’t wait until the day you want to wear them to give them a try. Seriously, watch the video. Now that I’ve watched it, I realize it really does help.

2. Curl your natural lashes, then apply mascara. Let the mascara dry before applying the lashes.

3. To apply the One Two Lash set, simply treat the two ultra-lightweight fiber strips like a sandwich — place the top lash first on your top lashes, then place the bottom lash (marked with a red dot) under your lashes.

4. Let the magnets do the work, and click together into place. BOOM! Easy false lashes in two seconds!

5. Remove them by gently and slowly shifting them apart, without pulling.

Bonus tips: For an easy and quick everyday look, apply one set of the “original” lashes on each eye. To up the drama, apply two sets of the “original” lashes on each eye, laying them out side by side. For the most dramatic impact, go for the “bold” lashes for the most voluminous eyelash look.

The best part is that I have found they don’t damage my natural lashes. It’s an easy way to create a dramatic lash line in just seconds. You can even skip mascara if you want, and forget about messy glue that takes ages to dry. This is saving me time, and also money – I used to spend a fortune in single-lash extensions — lliterally hundreds of dollars a month for several months in a row until I was fed up with the whole two-hours-long application process every 2-3 weeks. Then I tried to save money by doing lash extensions on myself at home, but I always ended up ripping out my eyelashes whenever I removed them. Lately I’ve been trying to grow my lashes with a serum, which is fine, but as a beauty blogger and a YouTuber, I want a more luscious lash look instantly for photos and videos — and the One Two Lash gives me that look.

You can purchase the One Two Lash at Comment below if you’ve ever tried these, or if you are curious! I’ll try to answer your questions. Thanks for reading my review!

Opinions are always my own. I was sent these complimentary lash sets for review, but just because they were free doesn’t mean I will lie to you about what I think – y’all know I KEEP IT REAL. 🙂 


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Tips and tricks: all about LASHES! #Throwback to my first anchoring days

I’m turning today into a #TBT #ThrowbackThursday because I found this photo from my first anchoring gig, back when I was the morning anchor at KTVE/KARD in my hometown of Monroe, Louisiana.

Maybe it doesn’t show in this poor quality picture… but when I see this, the first thing I think of is, “I LOVE eyelashes extensions!” LOL! Standout eyelashes make your eyes really pop, especially on air or in photos.
I have tried sooo many different types of lashes, and I have my favorite styles and looks. If you have the money, I recommend that you go for a professional eyelash extension application. That’s what I was wearing in this photo from a salon– the lashes were individually applied, so they looked PHENOMENAL and they lasted for WEEKS. Worth it if you can afford it!
But if you’re like me now, you’re all about saving $$$, so you want the cheaper, easier and quicker version of great lashes. So here are some tips and tricks that could help you in your quest for amazing lashes:
1. Choose your preference of which lash enhancement you want to try. Whether it’s cluster lashes (my personal favorites for at-home, easy application and a natural look), or even the more challenging but more dramatic and effective strip lashes,  don’t be intimidated– practice until you feel comfortable applying them. Also don’t forget that you can do fiber mascara, which are not really false eyelashes but are a great “bridge” between regular mascara and false lashes.
2. Get a glue that matches– I recommend Duo, the brand I linked to here: if you are blonde, you can get away with clear adhesive, but if you are brunette like I am, go with the dark adhesive
3. Instead of attempting to apply the glue directly on the lashes themselves, try putting a glob on the back of your hand or on a piece of foil on your countertop. Then drag the base of the lashes through the glue to achieve a thin, even line of adhesive. 
4. Here is the MAGIC TIP: wait at least 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky! I wish I had known that years ago. All that wasted time trying to manipulate it to stick on my lashes, haha.
5. When the glue is sufficiently sticky, use your fingers (or tweezers or an eyelash applicator if you have a steady hand) and gently rest the base of the false lashes on the base of your natural eyelashes. Try not to blink, and let it set.
6. Repeat on your other eye, and then let the glue dry completely for at least 3 minutes. The glue will disappear when it’s completely dry.
7. I recommend going over the base of the false lashes (where you applied the glue) with some dark liquid eyeliner to kind of “hide” the blobs of glue. I just think it looks better.  🙂 
In the below photo from one of my recent videos, I was wearing strip eyelashes. I haven’t been wearing them lately in any other videos, and I think this look makes my eyes stand out WAY MORE. The difference is noticeable!
Hopefully these tips can help you– comment below with your favorite types of lashes to wear, and why! 
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