Month: February 2017

Vegetables for your hair? Try the new “Broccoli blow out” crème!


I have frizzy hair. It shouldn’t be like this – the texture is straight, but it takes #werk to make it look somewhat smooth. That process usually takes a mixture of products, and a blowdrying method that involves a lot of hairbrush twirling around my head.

With this in mind, I felt a little hope when I was sent the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture’s Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Blow Out Crème for review. This product was promised to give me a so-called “Broccoli blow out,” leaving me with shiny hair – but I only eat broccoli slathered in butter or cheese, so you can imagine my skepticism. I was reassured that the green vegetable ingredient in the product, better known as brassica seed oil, acts as a natural silicone alternative.

Here is the promise: “Acting as a rapid blowdry booster, this crème will reduce the drying process by prepping and detangling the hair for less breakage and tugging. This ingenious thermal styling aid aligns strands for a smooth, easy brush glide that shortens styling times with amplified shine and humidity resistance. Brassica seed provides this smoothness and luster without weighing hair down or creating product buildup. Shea oil further hydrates and deep conditions, never leaving styles looking or feeling greasy.”

Like a good beauty blogger, I followed the instructions:

  • Section damp hair and apply a dime-size dollop, distributing evenly from roots to ends.
  • Apply as needed for longer hair.
  • Blow dry with a flat brush section by section for straight finish.

I did use a bit more than the recommended dime-size amount, simply because my hair is indeed long. The first thing I noticed was that the product was surprisingly lightweight, almost runny – I was expecting a thick, gloppy cream. The good news is that once I started blowdrying my hair, the consistency of the product allowed it to spread evenly over my hair, instead of chunking up on my scalp like some thicker products do. But most importantly, I was quick to discover that it does deliver on a promise – it definitely sped up my drying time! SCORE!!

I am obsessed with short blowout times. Because my hair is so thin and I use a high-powered blowdryer, I can go from wet to finish in 6-8 minutes. Well, with this particular crème, I was able to shave off a couple of minutes from my blowout – so I was able to finish in 4-5 minutes. That’s a hefty percentage off my personal best time!

The end result of my hair was not perfectly smooth. That would take going to a salon and having a professional spend more than 5 minutes working on my strands, or at least a quick pass with a straightening iron to achieve a glass-like shine. However, given how flyaway my hair typically is, it was significantly better than my average – so I am pleased.

Another benefit is that this is one of those “one and done” products that I really enjoy. My favorite beauty multi-taskers are perfect for those quick routines I always seem to need while I get ready for work. For these reasons, this “Broccoli blow out” crème has now been added to my “must have” beauty list!

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The Best Towels for your Bathroom

The home my husband Nathan and I live in is our first-ever purchased house. We did some moving around from Louisiana to Florida for our careers, before we settled down to become homeowners. Now, we live in West Palm Beach, Florida — where the warm weather lasts all year (to my snow-bound friends, #sorrynotsorry, I work in tourism so I love to promote this area, haha!).

You’ve probably realized that I tend to spend on makeup and beauty-related products, but maybe you don’t know that I skimp on home items, like décor and furniture. In the past, when friends and family have come to visit, I’ve been a little embarrassed that our towels were so shabby. The towels were hand-me-downs for the most part, so they were frayed, bleached and worn out so much, they just looked plain ol’ ratchet.

For this reason, I was excited when MicroCotton offered to send me some towels for review. Out of all the home items I felt that I needed, towels were honestly at the top of my list! I am not kidding you when I say that I told Nathan at the beginning of this year, “We need to invest in better towels, ours are ridiculous!”

So it was with much enthusiasm that I opened the box, to see what kind I received.

I ended up getting this kind: Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towel Collection

“Rendered in soft, super-absorbent Annur cotton finished with a clean woven pattern at the hem, the Premier bath towel collection from Hotel Collection provides the ultimate in luxury bathroom appointments. The Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towel Collection is available exclusively at Macy’s retailers and”

The towels retail for $16 to $67 per towel, depending on the sizes. I received the full range, and I am beyond thrilled! They feel SO LUXURIOUS, just like you are using a hotel towel – the products really do live up to the name. The biggest thing I noticed about these towels is that they are SUPER SOFT. It was surprising, I guess because I was so accustomed to rough-feeling towels that kind of pulled against my skin, if that makes sense.

Nathan said he felt that they could be more absorbent, but I haven’t had an issue with absorbency. They’ve worked just fine, in my opinion, for drying myself off — especially for when I wrap my long hair in a towel turban after I shower.
The best thing about these towels to me, though, is the size – especially for the largest towel. I’ve never had one this large, and it swathes your entire body in super-softness when you step out of the shower. Definitely indulgent, and you feel like you’re at a spa!

Mogwai shows how big the largest towel really is

For my review, I can honestly say these are by far the best towels I’ve ever had. I give the Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towels my two thumbs up!

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