Month: July 2016

Get Heatless Curls for the Summer Using BALLOONS!

As summer temperatures rise, you might cringe to think of breaking out the hot styling tools. What’s a gal to do when she needs easy-breezy curls—ones that don’t involve sweating with a flat iron?

Click HERE to watch a tutorial on how to use BALLOONS to achieve heatless summer curls!

Balloons aren't just for parties-- you can use them to achieve party-worthy heatless curls!

Balloons aren’t just for parties– you can use them to achieve party-worthy heatless curls!

“You can completely skip hot tools when styling your hair, and use alternative curling methods,” said Kevin Mai, a Georgia-based hair stylist at High Maintenance Salon Suites. “Many of my clients prefer easier looks during the summer when it’s so hot outside.

Stylists say going without heat can also give your hair a break, since hot tools zap hair moisture and leads to dryness and damage. You can have gorgeous, runway curls without any damage, that you can even achieve while you sleep!

“Remember when women used to sleep in those pink sponge rollers?” Mai said. “Hitting the hay with balloons or a tank top on your head is the same premise.”

Mai recommends the following styling tips when attempting to achieve heatless curls:

  1. Start with damp hair, not soaking wet, then apply an appropriate styling product.

“Whether it’s firm-hold mousse or a frizz cream, you’ll want something to give the curls staying power,” he said. “If you try curling hair that is too wet, it will still be damp eight hours later—and your curls won’t be set.”

  1. Take your time when wrapping hair around a curling object.

“This is the most important part, because it’s harder to fix a bad bend in your hair if you don’t pay attention to the direction the hair is wrapping,” Mai warned. “Heatless curls tend to set harder than curls created with a hot tool.”

  1. Finish with hairspray.

“Immediately after you remove the curlers, spritz all over your hair with a firm-hold hairspray,” said Mai. “As the hairspray sets, you can manipulate the style into the look you prefer.”

What’s your favorite way to achieve heatless curls? Comment below!

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