Month: December 2015

Florida’s first ramen bar!

Savory broth, full of those famous slightly-crinkly noodles… a flavorful soft-boiled egg and salty seaweed… all enhanced with delicious additions such as black mushrooms and sweet red ginger. It’s ramen– gourmet ramen at its finest– and it’s finally where I live!!! 

This new ramen bar, in Whole Foods in Palm Beach Gardens, is the first and only one here in Florida. I’ve been so excited to try it ever since I read about it.

So my friend Belen and I met for lunch today, and let me assure you– it was absolutely worth the wait!

We both ordered the Tonkotsu ramen, which comes with the signature thin noodles we all know and love. It features rich pork broth and chashu pork. Every bite was heaven, and the smell was even better!

Asian comfort food, all the way.

We also loved our hibiscus teas– Belen agreed with me that they tasted like liquid springtime. Cheers to you, ramen!

Do you love ramen as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!

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Smoky “smokey” eye look | Tarte Cosmetics Greatest Glitz Collector’s Set & Portable Palettes

Click here to watch my latest video of a smoky “smokey” eye look, featuring the Tarte Cosmetics Greatest Glitz Collector’s Set & Portable Palettes!

Smoky "smokey" eye look | Tarte Cosmetics Greatest Glitz Collector's Set & Portable Palettes

Smoky “smokey” eye look | Tarte Cosmetics Greatest Glitz Collector’s Set & Portable Palettes

Hope you like this look of an easy smoky “smokey” eye look using this amazing set of palettes. My favorite is the Palette #1, the gold one, so that’s why I did this look using that particular palette. I love these Tarte Cosmetics Greatest Glitz Collector’s Set & Portable Palettes (Limited Edition) because there are so many options, and the palettes are so lightweight and perfect for traveling. You can achieve a wearable daytime look, or a dramatic, smokier look for evening.

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5 Reasons why Singer Island is my favorite beach in the world

I love, love, LOVE living in the Palm Beaches for so many reasons! Since I now work in tourism as the PR Manager for Discover The Palm Beaches, the official tourism marketing corporation for Palm Beach County, I now know that our 47 miles of pristine beaches are the top reason why visitors choose us as a destination.

But we’re all prone to favorites, and I admit I started loving Singer Island beaches way back before I started working in tourism. These reasons are why I had to take a beach break today– and as I’m writing this, it’s Christmas Day! It was PACKED on this holiday!

1. The snorkel-worthy rock piles right off the coastline in Ocean Reef Park. Make sure you bring your snorkel flag and hit it up at high tide. I’ve seen parrotfish, porkfish and the occasional squid there– plus I’ve heard smaller sea turtles have been known to glide by there occasionally.

2. The Ocean Mall at City Beach is sooo convenient. If you forgot your gear, the Wings Beachwear store has everything you need to beach it up, as well as Palm Beach-branded gear like shirts and caps. Forgot snacks? Grab some Subway sandwiches or bottled water at the 7/11. Prefer a sit-down meal with live music? The scene is always happening at Two Drunken Goats Beach Cantina. My husband and I also enjoyed the sangria at the new Guakamoles Mexican Cantina & Grill. It’s definitely different from your typical Mexican restaurant– it emphasizes health food!

I love Singer Island so much, it’s where I brought my parents when they visited us last year!

3. Parking is free! ‘Nuff said.

I couldn’t believe how many people were out and about on the beach today– at first, I figured I would be alone since it was Christmas, but others were taking advantage of the holiday, as well!

4. City Beach has volleyball courts, tennis courts and a playground. Family-friendly!

5. My favorite snorkeling spot in the world is in the Intracoastal Waterway: the Underwater Snorkel Trail at Phil Foster Park. For the past 2-3 years, I went about every other weekend (when the tide was high) and was constantly amazed at the exotic sea life you can see there, like when I saw a manatee, octopus and eel all in one visit. You can now also see three hammerhead shark statues there! Shark selfies, anyone?

Let me know in the comments below– what is YOUR favorite beach, and why?!

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